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Pulling some threads and taking a little walk. - itsdown [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pulling some threads and taking a little walk. [Aug. 30th, 2004|07:00 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplished]

Ah, the joys of tearing up old sweaters! Last night, I was digging through my old ones, and found a 100% wool sweater in gold. It was a bit felted and scratchy, so I never wore it. I decided to take it apart!

The sweater before I murdered it, posing with the only scissors I could find and my trusty seam-ripper!

I begin attatcking the seam, but find that I can see the thread better right-side-out. So I put it that way, instead.

The first sleeve is free! I found myself endlessly sneezing, but I assumed it was because I hadn't taken my medication (Oh, how I love my Allegra and Singulair!).

After working into the wee hours of the morning, this is the result of all of my hard work. Very tired, I decide to go to bed.

I woke up, finished ripping out all of the seems, still sneezing (Why isn't my medicine working?), and then I enlist the help of dearest Gillian.

I got to work on this sucker (back panel)...

while Gill went crazy on the remaining sleeve. We were both sneezing quite a bit.

Giving in to the evilness that is her nose, Gill gave up.

I continued on valiantly to end up with a very nice amount of wool. Notice the tissues next to Gill. Our savior.

We're allergic to wool. But I believe it only to be the unspun fiber, as I've worked with wool before. It gave off lots of wool particles during the tearing. This sweater just didn't want to die. Too bad.